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Same Old Story? Guess Again

Web-only series gives different take on familiar roommate trope


Max Abrams, Paul Carganilla, and Keith Toll are three actors you may never have heard of but they are worth noting. The actors took a cliche premise--three guys in their mid-20s who share a two-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment--and managed to make it new with the creation of the 2010 Web-only series Guess Again.

The series revolves around the relationships between the very different friends. Dean (Carganilla), who recently received news that his ex-girlfriend is marrying a guy who the roommates thought was gay, is the level-headed worry wart. Rex (Abrams), a Jersey Shore-esque tool with an incongruent body that resembles a dilemma more than a "Situation," is unintentionally prejudiced and as ignorant as he is arrogant. And rounding out the roommate triad is Jeremy (Toll), a gullible yet lovable character who echoes Jason Segel's character in I Love You Man. Jeremy is devastated when Dean and Rex don't appreciate "all he brings to the apartment": a Nintendo 64, strawberry-filled Pop-Tarts and Pokemon-shaped macaroni and cheese.

Though the premise sounds regurgitated, Guess Again's creators/actors manage to deliver a fresh comedy style and to showcase characters in whom you want to invest. If you think this show sounds like a series version of Knocked Up or Half Baked, guess again.