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Sam Beam and Jesca Hoop, June 5, Egyptian Theatre

Beam me up


Fans of indie folk/pop are likely already familiar with Sam Beam (of Iron & Wine) and Jesca Hoop, the latter whom LA Weekly lumped with Beam as successful "idiosyncratic solo artists," who play in a space "somewhere close to folk, but often experimenting with rock, country, pop and even electronic music."

Beam and Hoop joined forces on Love Letter for Fire (Sub Pop, April 2016), and the results are a collaboration so ethereal and seamless, you'll wonder why they hadn't teamed up before.

Describing the process of co-songwriting, Beam told LA Weekly, "I like the conversation element of it." That might be putting it mildly. Beam can hold a wistful note truer and longer than anyone but Rufus Wainwright and Hoop's crystalline delivery—carrying the merest hint of a country lilt—adds dimension and depth to everything it touches. Buoyed by a backing band that includes a rich complement of strings, their voices rise in a sonic wholeness approaching opera but with the intimacy of a hushed conversation around a low-burning campfire.