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Salmonella, a Prison Scandal and Backcountry Kids

This week we have it all


We have a doozy of a paper for you this week, packed with tales of foodborne illness; prison scandal; the therapeutic nature of flying kids into the backcountry; and all your music, screen and events news.

First up, Boise Weekly staff writer Harrison Berry digs into the recent spate of salmonella cases linked to the Boise Co-op. While the deli was examined and given the all-clear to reopen, the other shoe has yet to drop: A round of lawsuits have been filed against the iconic North End grocery store by sickened customers.

Berry's report looks at some of the details of the lawsuits, what they might mean for the Co-op and how the store is weathering the aftermath of the outbreak.

Elsewhere, BW News Editor George Prentice lifts the lid on a simmering prison scandal about the boil over. Though subject to some media coverage in February, the wheels have been turning in connection to a decades-old lawsuit that alleged "serious problems" in the state's prison system.

That lawsuit, which prompted a damning 94-page report published in 2012, has turned into another suit—this time alleging that prison officials not only failed to follow the directives that came out of the report, but actively misfiled, tampered with and scrubbed records to cover up deficiencies.

Past and current prison officials will likely end up in court later this month, along with several inmates who claim their medical records were either altered or destroyed.

Even with all the bad press lingering over Idaho prisons in recent years, this scandal—based on the statements found by Prentice in various depositions—has the potential to be the biggest yet.

Finally, on a heart-strings-tugging note, BW staff writer Jessica Murri spent a few days in the backcountry with a group of kids who, because of physical or mental challenges, may never have otherwise had the chance to experience some of the wild places that make Idaho so unique.