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Salmon and Steelhead Days Barbecue

Thursday, Sept. 8 at Idaho Fish and Game Headquarters


For many native Idahoans, fishing is synonymous with childhood. But as a kid, you might not have understood the point of holding a pole in the water for hours until you got the thrill from that first little pull and reeled in a flapping fish.

You can try to recreate the elation of catching your first fish at the Salmon and Steelhead Days Barbecue at Idaho Fish and Game on Thursday, Sept. 8.

The barbecue will feature plenty of grub thanks to Fred Meyer, which donated all the goods for a delectable salmon dinner. The ice cream for dessert will be provided by Goody's Soda Fountain and Candy Store.

The event will also feature a salmon maze and live music by Joshua Tree. All proceeds from the barbecue will benefit Salmon and Steelhead Days educational programs.

Idaho Salmon and Steelhead Days is a three-day event "designed to increase awareness and appreciation for salmon and steelhead among the Treasure Valley's fifth grade students."