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Sali's Got the Cash

Republican dominates fundraising so far


Rep. Bill Sali is on a roll in the money department. The Republican nominee for the Congressional seat in District One that will open up this fall, is leaving Democrat Larry Grant in the dust for now.

Sali, of course, had a hectic primary to deal with, meaning he needed all the money he could scare up and pay out, to fend off five other Republican contenders. So, he's been busy, and it shows: According to new filings with the Federal Election Commission, Sali has raised $542,449 and spent $446,487. That leaves him with a healthy $91,790 to use in his general election bid against Grant.

Grant hasn't been idle, but his war chest isn't the sort of thing he'll need to go up against Sali, yet. In his most recent FEC report, Grant is showing that he's raised $216,515 so far this year. After spending $142,436, he now shows $73,982 cash on hand.