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Russian Circles, March 3, Neurolux

No lyrics, no problem


The description "instrumental music" is a broad one and includes Beethoven's classic symphonies, the '50s lounge sounds of Martin Denny's exotica, the Trans-Siberian Orchestra's over-the-top Christmas covers and some of Deadmau5's electronica creations. It may be sans vocals, but great instrumental music does have a voice. From the trio's first release to its fifth, Memorial (Sargent House, 2013), Chicago-based Russian Circles has created metal-esque music that is so textured and so brilliantly arranged, it sometimes isn't until the end of a song that a listener realizes not a word was uttered.

In a movie, a soundtrack can set a mood or let a viewer know something is waiting around a corner. Russian Circles' rich layers can evoke that same kind of anticipation or emotion, but without lyrics, the listener can create his or her own story, thereby becoming part of the experience.

With KEN Mode and Inter Arma, 7 p.m., $10 adv., $12 door.