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Runnin' Dirty

Saturday-Sunday, Aug. 10-11


The Dirty Dash returns to Boise with an event so filthy it puts grass stains to shame; it's safe to say this isn't the event for expensive T-shirts or your Sunday best.

The 2013 Dirty Dash starts Saturday, Aug. 10, at Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area. Enter as a loner or assemble a team of friends and race through the muddy four-mile obstacle course complete with a 175-foot Slip 'n' Slide. Don't have any friends? Frenemies count. Oh, and there's that thing about the costumes. If you have a giant hot dog costume you're dying to break in, wear it. Sure, the Dirty Dash is an excuse to get down and dirty, but even more so, it's an excuse to get down and dirty dressed as a fairy princess. So racers to your marks and get ready to run, skip, walk or stumble your way to victory.

Because the Dirty Dash is in such high demand this year, a second run was added to the bill on Sunday, Aug. 11. There's something for the kids, too. A one-mile Piglet Plunge for kids age 2 to 12 kicks off following the last heat of adult runners. If you're not already registered, it's time to shake a leg--registration ends Wednesday, Aug. 7.

If it wasn't obvious, the emphasis is on the word "dirty," so neat freaks need not apply; it's a marathon so caked in dirt and grime it would make Mr. Clean retire.