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The royal world of colorful food


Food. It's one of two things every living thing has in common ... the other is the by-product of food. It's also one of several things every living thing needs to have in order to exist.

Whether we're consuming simply for sustenance or treating ourselves to an exquisite meal, food is complex business on several levels. Creating meals that are nutritious from flavors that complement one another well is a challenge for many of us. With seemingly unlimited amounts of boxed, processed and fried foods available cheaply and quickly, the art of cooking is becoming something achieved with Tupperware and a microwave. And the art of dining is in even greater danger, as it has become an activity that takes place on the couch when it's done at home, and done with poor manners when it happens in a restaurant.

In this year's food issue, we have taken a stab at covering all food bases. From a guide to fine dining etiquette to a profile of a local dairy, we demystify hoity-toity caviar and discover the reason there are no blue gummy bears. Read about local golden finds at the Saturday Market and explore indigo's healing properties. We hope you find your stomach expressing a positive reaction to the following reading material.