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Roughnecks Canned for Misuse of Sporting Goods


A pair of Boise men were sentenced last Thursday for their role in an attempted robbery from 2002. According to the Attorney General's Office, John Conley, 54, and Dennis Merrick, 51, both of Boise, were convicted by a Boise jury on March 2 of entering a Boise home with the intent to steal illegal drugs. According to a department statement from the time of the crime, the pair were packing a pair of portable collection agencies-that is, baseball bats-which they reportedly used to encourage the cooperation of the house's patriarch. Both the man and his attackers ended up in the emergency room after one of the children called 911. Conley will serve 14 years in prison with five fixed for the crime. Conley's 15-year sentence was suspended, but he will also be on probation for 10 years.