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Rose's Pawn Shop on Loan to Boise

Sunday, Jan. 13 at Neurolux


Rose's Pawn Shop began with two of American music's greatest themes: heartbreak and larceny.

Singer-songwriter Paul Givant's jilted lover swiped his instruments and sold them to a local pawn shop to teach him a thing or two, but the biggest thing he gleaned from that experience was a great name for his band.

Givant rode that band to critical praise, with opening slots for Jack White and The Raconteurs and two killer albums of revved up bluegrass that bleeds America from its bloodied fingertips.

Beneath the fiddles, the furious banjo and vocal harmonies are elements of The Stray Cats and Social Distortion but with the Bill Monroe knob cranked up. That the band's Appalachian-esque sound arose from the sun-baked asphalt of Los Angeles is nothing short of a miracle. And like all true miracles, devout believers in the power of music should make a pilgrimage to see it.