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Rosalie Sorrels Annual Music Festival

Julius M. Kleiner Memorial Park, Saturday and Sunday, June 21 and 22


On June 12, 2017, Rosalie Sorrels died in Reno, Nevada, many miles from her home—a cabin, really—on Grimes Creek that her father built for her mother, and from where she sat as one of the grand dames of Idaho culture. A celebrated singer-songwriter, she became a titan of folk music in the early 1960s, befriending luminaries in the Beat and hippie scenes, and in later years, she became known as a great storyteller. In her later years, she occasionally swooping into Boise for a show at the Sapphire Room. Soon after her death, a memorial musical gathering cropped up, and has since become a tradition. Join locals like Lee Pen Sky, The Ben Burdick Trio, Dan Coistello and many others as they remember the great musician at Julius M. Kleiner Park in Meridian.