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Dear Minerva,

What do you think about these rompers for men? As open minded as I like to consider myself, I just can't wrap my head around this trend or what self-respecting man would resort to wearing them. Please tell me you are as turned off by these as I am. I'm gay and even to me, it's just not OK.



Dear Nope,

Sugar, I think rompers for men, or RompHims, as they are being called, are adorable. I don't like that people are calling them "RompHims" because it smells a little of male fragility that they couldn't wear a romper without feeling threatened. However, it is not my place, nor, quite frankly, yours, to tell anyone what they should or shouldn't wear. The sweltering hell of Idaho summer is coming, and rompers are adorable, regardless of one's gender identity or expression. They are harmless fun and harken back to the carefree playfulness of the toddler years. A time of ease with one's body and an innocent simplicity. I will celebrate every romper and every body in a romper! Bring them on! Clothes do not make the man or woman and fabric has no inherent gender. If that romper is on a man who identifies as a straight male, that is a straight man's romper. Same if the romper is on a gay man, a lesbian woman, a trans person, etc. Get over yourself and your preconceived notions. You'll have way more fun. Rompers across America! Unite in comfort!


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