Rockin' the Venue

Scoping the scene


Local rock ensemble Nothing Lasts Forever got their start way back in November of last year. I got the call from the BW folks to check them out at the Venue last Friday. I do as I am told. This venue, which has cleverly been titled The Venue by somebody, is tucked in with those old warehouse-like buildings east of Capitol between Front and Myrtle. This was my first visit to this all-ages, no smoking, no drinking establishment--I haven't yet been there because I'm not a big fan of most of the acts they book there, and I've heard some horror stories about the hostile environment created by some of the young gentlemen that frequent the place. The inside of the building itself is pretty impressive. It's essentially a big, open room with a big ole stage in the corner. Nice tile on the floor (still tiled in are the words "The Flame," its old name), everything is very clean and doesn't smell like smoke and spilled beer. Essentially The Venue is the polar opposite of places where I'm used to seeing rock shows. The stage is weird. It somewhat resembles one of those Aztec step pyramids you see in National Geographic--the effect of this tiered monstrosity being, in my opinion, to get the band as high up and as far away from the crowd as possible. I'm not sure why it was built like this; maybe the guy who came up with the name brainstormed the stage idea as well. I rolled in with my pal Jason and we figured that we had at least 10 years on most of the patrons. So I felt kind of old, and I don't think my Devo shirt was up to par as far as fashion goes. I must've missed a memo or something, because long hair is cool again, tight jeans and black shirts are de rigueur, and jocks and Goths can hang out together. Strange. Anyway, let's talk about the show, shall we?

The first band, Temptation of St. Anthony, hit the stage after one of the longest sound checks I've ever witnessed. I think the sound guy didn't show up that night. The kids seemed to like their rock, but I'm not sure why. To me it sounded like all their songs were just thrown together with little regard for structure. It was like one guitarist playing a bunch of dissonant chords while the other guitarist busted out some lame old heavy metal trick (think finger-tapping and lots of hammer-on/pull-offs) done badly. The bass player even resembled that stooge of a four-stringer from the Strokes, only wearing the hardcore uniform. Let's just say they weren't my cup of tea. The rad thing about watching this band was I finally got to see this Kung Fu hardcore dance style I've been hearing about for a while now. Fists and feet were rapidly flying everywhere, as these kids beat the shit out of the surrounding air in the middle of the floor one at a time. I can see how this would piss off non-dancers in a more crowded setting--a misfired air kick could do some damage to a face, say--but this show was not horribly crowded, so the dudes had plenty of room in which to exercise. I had a fun time just watching--I even saw some guy do a back flip!

Editor's note: Since this concert less than a week ago, Nothing Lasts Forever has fulfilled its titular destiny and proven that bands, particularly in Boise, have fleeting life spans. We received a call as we were headed to press informing us that Nothing Lasts Forever has officially broken up.

Nothing Lasts Forever was up next. They are a youngish, four-piece band: Zach on bass, Ryan on guitar, Jay hitting the tubs and Shawn providing the vocals. They rocked and they rolled (literally, Ryan was rolling around on the ground at one point), and brought a lot of energy to their performance. That couldn't have been easy given they were so far away from the crowd. Their music could easily be described as ... let's say hybrid rock. Punk? Yes. Emo? Sure. Maybe a little metal? Why not? The vocals--when the mike was working--sounded good; Shawn can surely bring the sing.

After their set, I met up with some of the guys to chat. They're pretty nice dudes who have gone on numerous trips outside the Boise area. They shared a hilarious tale with me about some mischief they got into in Jackpot that involved them claiming to be Eddie Money's opening act, some underage gambling and some kind of crime called defrauding an innkeeper.

Editors Note II: Nothing Lasts Forever former drummer Jay can be heard playing with local bands Red Light Runner and Aces & Eights. Other band members will soon be seeking new peeps to play with.