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Anything is fuel in a Rocket Stove


Traditional camping stoves can be challenging. After fumbling to attach metal burners to drab cans of fuel, bargain cooking stoves produce a flame scarcely large enough to warm campsite eats. And should your group become stranded miles into the backcountry with only a meager supply of gas, cold beans and raw bacon soon become your only options.

A rocket stove might be the key to your salvation in the event of a backwoods mishap, power outage or even the end of times. Ray Gore, builder of a locally made type of rocket stove, was featured on the National Geographic Channel's Doomsday Preppers series, which revealed that his design is also helpful in the event of a worldwide calamity.

Unlike other outdoor stoves, Gore's version is fueled by any dry items found on the forest floor or in your trash bin, including newspaper, burger wrappers, old receipts, you name it. Fuel burned in the bottom chamber of the stove produces enough heat at the top to melt snow into potable drinking water or cook a meal.

The tube-shaped stove, despite generating a lot of heat, remains cool to the touch, according to Gore. While the rocket stove concept is common, he said, what sets his model apart is its mild steel body, which creates an especially durable product.

"That's going to last for generations. It's a really strong bulletproof model I make myself," he said.