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Rock and Rickenbackers


When George D. Beauchamp first rigged a washing machine motor to a couple of horseshoe magnets and a coil on his dining room table, he could've never imagined the musical revolution his invention would spark. He dubbed this initial electric guitar prototype the "Frying Pan" and quickly enlisted the help of friend Adolph Rickenbacker to begin manufacturing it. The two decided to call the instruments Rickenbackers because Adolph's cousin, Eddie Rickenbacker, had popularized the family name as a skilled World War One pilot. In the '60s, John Lennon and George Harrison both played Rickenbackers, which also led Roger McGuinn of the Byrds to pick up a 12-string electric Rickenbacker. Now, 79 years after their invention, Rickenbackers are still considered top-notch electric guitars.

On Saturday, Jan. 23, the Boise Blues Society will exhibit a few of these rare and vintage instruments at the Linen Building, including the Rickenbacker Electro "Frying Pan" and an Electro Spanish electric guitar. Classic rock cover band The Blues Addicts will crank out jams by the Allman Brothers, Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler, Muddy Waters and Little Feat while guitar nerds daydream about fondling the frets on these uncommon instruments.

Saturday, Jan. 23, 8 p.m., $3, Boise Blues Society members, $5, general public, Linen Building, 1402 W. Grove St., 208-385-0111, Advance tickets available at the Linen Building.