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Robber's Weight Might Be Fluctuating Dangerously


Officers are prowling for the man who they say is likely responsible for knocking over a Washington Mutual bank last Thursday, and may be connected to other robberies in Idaho and Montana.

Faron Hawkins, 47, is considered by police to be armed and dangerous. They say someone resembling him went into the Washington Mutual at the intersection of Federal Way and Gowen Road, and handed the teller a threatening note. He was described as six feet to six feet, two inches tall and between 210 and 230 pounds with a medium to heavy build. Oh, and there's this--he told the teller that his name was Faron Hawkins.

According to a department release, Boise cops are also keen on Hawkins as the man who donned a USA-logo hat and robbed a Key Bank on Overland Road on December 16, 2005 (BW, True Crime, "Patriot Exercises Freedom to Break Law," December 21). At the time, the suspect was described as weighing 180 pounds with a medium build. Hmm ...

Hawkins is also a person of interest--but not yet a suspect--in the notorious "Fat Elvis" robbery of May, aught-six (BW, True Crime, "Curvaceous Gentlemen Prefer U.S. Bank, May 31). This suspect, who robbed a U.S. Bank in Nampa on May 22 while wearing what were described as wearing gold "Elvis style" sunglasses, was said to clock in around 300 to 325 pounds. Sure, anyone would looks a little snugglier when dressed like the king, but to jump from 180 to 300 in six months and then drop back another hunny ... that's Incredible Hulk-grade snuggly. Then again, maybe that explains how Hawkins' name slipped out during the last robbery. Say you were suffering from a rampant glandular disorder characterized by rapid weight changes and mild monsterism. If some teller got fresh with you mid-transaction, it'd be hard to contain those six little words: "Faron Hawkins MAD! Faron Hawkins SMASH!"

Anyone with information about Hawkins' whereabouts is urged to call Crimestoppers at 343-COPS.