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Here's a tip: Deer and elk are lovely to watch, but not fun to hit, especially not with your car.

Idaho Fish and Game and local law enforcement agencies are out in force trying to convince motorists to slow down in wildlife corridors and avoid hurting both themselves and the ungulates.

Herds of both elk and deer have moved to lower elevations in the search for food since heavy mountain snows have cut them off from regular food supplies.

Particular problem areas include deer along Warm Springs Road and a large herd of elk along Interstate 84 between Boise and Mountain Home.

This winter has been so severe that Fish and Game is preparing to start feeding programs in Boise County.

The Regional Winter Feeding Advisory Committee declared a winter feeding emergency last week in the South Fork of the Payette River drainage between Banks and Lowman.

Snow depth in the area is 48 inches or more, compared to an average of 21 inches.