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Road Killing Me Softly


If you were paying attention to Cobweb about a month ago, you might have noticed a post from BW blogger chef Randy King called "Road Kill Dinner." Believe it or not, the title of the post was not the most horrifying thing about it. Nor was the fact that the post was actually about dinner that made its way to the table after having been hit and killed ... you guessed it--on the road. What was so horrific about King's post was that his road kill dinner was a rattlesnake that he'd run over in the Owhyees, bagged, skinned, sliced, soaked in buttermilk and then pan-fried. It takes a special kind of human to eat road kill. It takes a very special kind of human to eat road kill rattlesnake.

I had to ask him about it. Though it's the first time he's eaten road kill, King told me he's eaten snake plenty of times. Usually he pan-fries them like his dad taught him to, and, he said, they're better eating near the winter when they're fat and ready to hole up for a few months.

If you caught a more recent post from King on Anthony Bourdain's new book, you know he's a fan of the New York chef. And like Bourdain, while traveling in Asia, King hosted his own private little episode of No Reservations with a cobra snake.

"I drank the blood, the venom and the bile. Then I watched them chop the snake up, fry it and feed it to me in a curry basil sauce. It was wonderful," said King.

Catch King's food musings at every week on Cobweb.

In other Southeast Asian cuisine news, downtown Boise Vietnamese restaurant Pho Nouveau celebrates its one-year anniversary Saturday, July 10. Your party favor is half-priced apps and two-for-one drinks all day long. No gifts necessary. No cobra snakes present.

The final word in this week's food news is on all the hammering happening in Hyde Park. Parrilla Grill owner Scott Graves has leased the former Bungalow location, gutted it and started putting it back together as something completely different. The 13th Street Pub and Grill will be a ... pub and grill. Stay tuned for details.