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Rise Against Comes to Boise

Friday, April 20, at Century Link Arena


People have been saying punk is dead for years. But punk was birthed from the despair of the working class, first in the industrial wastelands of Detroit in the wake of the Vietnam War, then in the recession that settled over New York City in the mid-1970s, then in squatter communities in London. And as long as there is despair to be beaten back with a furious yawp, punk will never die.

That is the secret to Chicago's Rise Against: the cause. With songs that tackle the plight of the modern poor, refugees and even bullying of LBGT high schoolers in support of the It Gets Better Project, Rise Against is a thesis as much as a title. And it is one that comes with delightfully catchy shout-a-long choruses to serve as anthems.

Rise Against will perform at the CenturyLink Arena on Friday, April 20, and do an in-store signing at The Record Exchange at 4:30 p.m.