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Ride for the Mission

Saturday, Nov. 30


Since binge-watching Sons of Anarchy on Netflix became your Saturday night, you've pictured yourself head to toe in leather and riding your hog into the sunset. But there's more to riding than burning down whorehouses and buying guns. At the end of the day, you want to feel like you've helped someone; like your patches and chopper have more than material worth. In the real world, we deal with actual problems, and High Desert Harley-Davidson and Birds of Prey Motorsports want to help you ride with purpose this weekend. Both companies are dedicated to the idea that all riders and nonriders have a responsibility to help their community. They encourage any and all riders--on whatever kind of two-wheeled vehicle they choose to ride--to tear up the nearly 26-mile "Marsing Loop" and help raise money and goods for the Boise Rescue Mission. Bring a few Hamiltons or swing by the local department store and snag some nonperishable goods, clothing and toiletries. The starting point will be at High Desert Harley beginning at 10 a.m., where participants will meet and drive to the Birds of Prey location. Both will have free chili and cornbread on hand to add a special finish to a day of selfless acts. For a detailed list of items to bring and donate at the event, visit the High Desert Harley webpage.