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Revive the Hive Big Reveal Celebration, Sept. 15, Boise Hive


Since 2014, Boise Hive has offered local musicians a place to learn, a place to practice and a safe place to be among others who care about them. Combining support for musicians' craft as well as their mental well being was a novel idea, and the nonprofit quickly became a community hub. About a year later, however, it almost suffered a colony collapse. In October 2015, Hive organizers faced a dilemma: an offer of $210,00 had been made on their space at 3907 Custer Drive. The Hive had to match the offer or buzz off.

The Hive persisted and, about a year later, it's ready to unveil a revamped space courtesy of Interior Designs of Idaho, which secured much of the donated materials and labor for the project.

Join the party and enjoy a raft of local bands, including Lounge on Fire, and grab some grub from The Funky Taco food truck. Bee there or bee square.