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Reuseum Spring Session Workshops

Wednesday-Saturday, March 26-29


Do you spend hours tinkering with gadgets? Do you enjoy trying to fix electrical or mechanical mishaps on your own? Then you might be in your element at one of Reuseum's spring session workshops, where you'll be given the tools and instruction to upgrade or create your own gizmo, contraption, thingamajig or whatchamacallit.

If you're hoping to vamp up that old PC gathering dust in the garage, the Circuit Basics Workshop provides students with the skills to build and then tinker with their own circuits. No soldering is required.

Learn how to build hive bugs in the Hive Bug Workshop. Students will use 3-D printers to build little electronic creatures that communicate with one another through colored lights, and repel and attract other hive bugs with magnetic antennae. Bring your friends and build a swarm of the little 'bots together.

For entrepreneurs who have a million-dollar idea but lack the know-how, there's the Arduino Basics Workshop. This workshop introduces creative minds to the basics of programming and electronics. Those who already have an Arduino can bring it along to give it a new boost. Kids are welcome to participate in all of the workshops as long as they are accompanied by an adult.