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Show your allegiance to your favorite 8-bit arcade characters


Anyone who grew up pumping quarters into an old-school Pac Man arcade game has an unnatural fear of Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde--the game's pixilated ghosts. Though Pac Man would get a temporary reprieve from the endless chase after scarfing a power pellet, the deadly demons would always return.

Now it's your turn to strike fear into the hearts of disembodied yellow heads. The Retro Arcade Poncho lets you dress up like the shadow-lurking Blinky or the bashful Inky, while protecting you from being attacked by raindrops.

The rain ponchos, made by London-based gift design company Spinning Hat, are being marketed as a "must-have for the festival season. Not only will they keep you dry and free from the mud, but you'll instantly be turned into an arcade character."

Spinning Hat's hooded, lightweight, one-size-fits-all ponchos are also available in other designs, including a fried egg or a pug. You can purchase the Retro Arcade Ponchos online at for 4.99 British pounds, or locally at the Flying M Coffeehouse for $7.75.

As the package says, "no longer will rain mean Game Over."