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Republican State Convention: Toppling Obama's Ivory Tower


It has been interesting reading the liberal media's one-sided editorials regarding the Republican State Convention. As the one who personally presided over the Convention, I would like to share some of the positive and inspiring things that occurred.

More than 500 delegates, elected by their peers from across the state, packed the Convention hall in Idaho Falls to welcome their candidates and share in a common goal. In attendance were long-time party regulars, relative newcomers, and people that I have never seen before. They were motivated and excited to be there, sacrificing their time and money to attend.

Committee members exhaustively examined and debated proposed rules, resolutions and platform planks. As the party of ideas, we are not afraid of having these discussions, and we hold our Convention deliberations under the full scrutiny of the media.

Contrast that with the Democrats who just a few weeks ago banned the press from attending their platform discussions. As the party that is saddled with the crippling agenda of Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, it is understandable why they wouldn't want Idahoans to hear their discussions. Staying faithful to their liberal allies in Washington, D.C., Democrat state legislators have openly spoken in favor of tax increases during the current recession and have also voted against the Health Freedom Act, thereby aligning themselves with the eventual federal takeover of our health care system. The Democrat candidates for Governor and Congress also oppose Idaho's efforts to fight this costly federal mandate.

Like Idahoans from all walks of life, the delegates that attended the Republican State Convention are concerned, scared —and even angry—at what Obama, Pelosi and Reid have done to our great nation. Under the Democrats, the radical ivory tower experiments of the liberal establishment have been taken out of the classroom and unleashed on everyday Americans. People have had enough. Enough of big government, out-of-control spending, bailouts, government takeovers, health care mandates and back-door deals. Americans—Republicans, Democrats and independents alike—are frustrated and they want to be heard by their elected leaders. As the party of ideas, only the Republican Party has been listening. At our State Convention, we embraced these ideals and united behind our candidates statewide.

We welcome all Idahoans to join in the effort to topple the liberal ivory tower by rejecting the agenda of Obama, Pelosi and Reid and leading our nation back to its promise of the American Dream of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Norm Semanko is the Chairman of the Idaho Republican Party.