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Report: Most Divorces in Idaho End Amicably


Divorces can be messy, heart-wrenching and bitter, but according to a new analysis by online divorce form preparation service, if you're going to get divorced, Idaho is the place to do it. Idaho leads most of the country with divorces that generally end on amicable terms. 

This was calculated by comparing how amicably couples divided up their assets through the website statewide. Each couple declared whether they were in agreement with each other or not. It was found that completing divorce papers in Idaho is a less painful process. Couples in the Gem State are less likely to have uncontested divorces. 

Other states that enjoy the most amicable divorces include Vermont, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Oregon, Kansas, Louisiana, Delaware, Ohio and Texas.

Some of the states with the most disagreeable divorces include Nevada, Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, Arkansas, Tennessee, Alabama, Florida, Connecticut and New Hampshire. Divorces in those states end more often in bitter disputes over who owns what and arguments over alimony.