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Reno 911!: Miami: The Movie

DVD Review


If you enjoy Comedy Central's spoof of reality law-enforcement TV programs, then this is a must-rent title. It's not necessarily as funny as the best episodes of Reno 911!, but it's got plenty to love. And all of the regularly appearing guest stars show up, some in disguise. This time, the underachieving Reno Sheriff's Department is off to Miami, shut out of a law enforcement gathering but asked to patrol the streets of Florida after convention-goers are hit by a bio-terrorist attack.

The DVD's cover broadcasts that it's Unrated, meaning the foul language bleeped out on TV is ever-present, and both crude sexual humor and nudity abound.

A lot of the movie feels unscripted, with the cast seemingly firing one-liners from the hip. A perusal of the DVD extras solidifies the notion, featuring 20-minute extended and deleted scenes—without cuts—where the cast simply riffs with one another.

It's not a tasteful film. But whether you approve of the juvenile humor, you have to admit these folks are comedic geniuses in their own right. A male cop in short-shorts, an officer accidentally plowing into the belly of a beached whale and a firing squad death for a chicken? You can't find this stuff anywhere else.

Lovers of odd-ball humor should bust a gut. Straight-laced folks more than likely won't.

Note: every member of MTV's mid-1990s sketch comedy, The State, makes an appearance in the film, joining the three alums who are part of the regular cast.