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Reel Foods Fish Market Closing Jan. 31, New Location Still TBA


It's no secret Reel Foods Fish MarketBest Local Seafood Market in Best of Boise 2017—is a favorite for people looking for everything from fillets of fresh local salmon to elaborate towers of sushi. But on Jan. 18, the downtown eatery announced on its Facebook page that on Wednesday, Jan. 31, it is closing the doors at 611 S. Capitol Blvd. and moving.

While the reaction on Facebook was overwhelmingly positive, with hopeful customers crossing their fingers for a location near them, there one catch: Reel Foods doesn't yet have a new home.

Reel Foods Owner and Chef Marcus Bonilla said he had originally found a spot in the downtown core and made plans to move there, but was "not able to raise enough finances" to make it happen. Bonilla, who's gone back to the drawing board, has three requirements for his new space: The spot must be on a main street, get good traffic (around 35,000 passing cars a day) and support a "robust" lunch crowd.

No matter where Reel Foods moves to, Chef Gee's sushi isn't going anywhere. - REEL FOODS FISH MARKET
  • Reel Foods Fish Market
  • No matter where Reel Foods moves to, Chef Gee's sushi isn't going anywhere.
"There’s a couple locations we’re looking at out by the HP campus that are kind of on a thoroughfare: Chinden, close to Eagle, all of that," Bonilla said. "Maybe up on the Bench. There could be something out on Gary and Glenwood. Even Orchard. So, I just don’t know. I don’t really want to go too far from here, but if we have to, then we would trade it in for one of the main streets in town ... State, Gary, Glenwood, Vista, Chinden. Maybe even Five Mile [or] Fairview."

While Bonilla is flexible on location, he has a strong opinion on the size of the new space: It has to be small. He said the decision to move came on the heels of a realization that there's "a lot of wasted space" in the current restaurant, driving up overhead costs.

Unfortunately for Reel Foods fans, the search for a new home could be a long process.

"I’m being told [it will be] a minimum two months before we’re even able to get into a location,” Bonilla said, referencing a conversation he had with his contractor.

When Bonilla does find a space, he has big plans for its new format. There won't be any hot food available for a while, and the market will downsize and focus on an expanded selection of fish and oysters. Only Chef Gee's sushi service is likely to remain unchanged. Updates on the search for a new home will be on the Reel Foods Facebook page.

"We will be back," Bonilla said, "And I think we’ll be even more focused and better than ever."