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Reel Big Fish, Friday 6


I experienced a touch of heaven for two hours Friday night as the popular ska band Reel Big Fish played a free concert at the Taco bell Arena. I'll say that again in case it didn't register the first time: the popular ska band Reel Big Fish played a FREE SHOW Friday night. It might have felt a bit gloomy and damp outside, but starting at about 7:45 p.m., a surge of energy swept through the crowd as the first vigorous sounds of horns and guitars combined with fast beating drums to create a fantastic type of music called ska. The dance choice of the evening was something commonly referred to as skanking, in which fans let loose all restraint in what resembles a skipping motion and dance around a large circle while throwing their arms and legs in any direction they choose in order to flow with the music. The band played for a solid hour and a half and as they left the stage after their set, the crowd unanimously cheered and chanted for an encore. Our desire to hear more music from Reel Big Fish was met when they returned to really finish off the night and played a few more songs. By that point, however, I was having trouble even standing up due to the fact that I'd done more exercise skanking than I had since, well, ever. I simply have to thank Reel Big Fish for providing Boise with one of the best concerts I've ever seen and for making it 100 percent free.