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Red Light Variety Show Presents Mythfablore

Friday, Sept. 30-Saturday, Oct. 1


Fables are short stories that illustrate morals--often to children. For example, there's the story of the wind and the sun who bet on who could get the traveler to shed his cloak. The wind tries first by gusting powerfully, but to his disappointment, the traveler only pulls his cloak tighter. The sun comes out from behind the clouds and pretty soon, the traveler becomes too warm and removes the cloak. The moral: Kindness is more effective than severity.

Though that kid-friendly fable might've made you feel all warm and fuzzy, the ladies at Red Light Variety Show will shed their cloaks without coaxing and use myths and fables to get you hot. The burlesque troupe and variety show will present its latest production, Mythfablore, at Visual Arts Collective this weekend. Join Red Light as they explore "the myths, fables and folk lore that bind our past to out present and see what's hiding in the gray area in between."

The show is sure to be as visually stimulating as Red Light's past performances, like The Twilight Zone, which was recently staged at Green Chutes/Salt Tears.

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