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Red Light, Green Chutes

Saturday, Aug. 20 at Green Chutes


The Red Light Variety Show, an underground burlesque circus, will march up to the surface on Saturday, Aug. 20, for a special performance of Twilight Zone. Hula-hoopers, belly-dancers, aerial dancers, clowns and burlesque dancers will take over the expansive Green Chutes/Salt Tears space to explore trippy questions like: "What if you discovered our world was merely a tiny marble in a child's schoolyard game?" and "What if a special channel on your television broadcast the future?"

Salt Tears will provide hors d'oeuvres, and there will be plenty of booze for sale at this 21-and-older event.

The Red Light Variety Show first formed in 2008 and is currently the premiere Vaudeville-style burlesque troupe in the area. The Twilight Zone was the group's spring 2011 show, and it is being reprised in an eclectic location that's sure to augment the experience.