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Red Light Challenge Releases First Official New Song Since 2015


It's well-known around Boise that Red Light Challenge is one of the hardest-working bands out there, playing shows anywhere and everywhere it can. Less well-known is that it rarely cuts new music, and that its members—brothers Sean and Kyle Luster—sometimes labor for months in the studio before releasing a new song.

On Jan. 4, RLC dropped a new track like a 100-year storm: "Why Won't You." It's the first track the band has cut since 2015.

"We literally spent a year listening to our favorite music and learning about songwriting and recording," the brothers wrote in an email. "After that year span of doing our homework, we feel more confident in our songwriting and recording abilities, and we're looking forward to coming out with a lot of music in 2019!"

Check out the song on Spotify.

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