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Red Hands Black Feet

Nov. 6, Neurolux


With its second album, We Must Fall Forever If We Survive, local post-rock instrumental band Red Hands Black Feet invites listeners on a journey through spaceā€”and to a release party Friday, Nov. 6.

RHBF released its anticipated debut, These Things Are Important, in 2012. Three years is a long time to wait for a sophomore effort, but the band was busy adjusting its lineup, touring and honing its sound. We Must Fall, with its narrative of a cosmonaut who's not sure he wants to come home, has been worth the wait.

We Must Fall opens with "I Leave You and the Earth Behind," setting the tone for RHBF's sound, self-described as a combination of "post-rock's dreamy contemplation, punk chaos and heavy metal intensity."

It's a hypnotic combination that makes it easy to get on board with RHBF.