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Red Fang to Take Bite Out of Boise

Wednesday, Nov. 21 at Neurolux


You can't just name your band Red Fang. You've also got to back it up with tunes as fearsome and brutal as your moniker.

Luckily, the Portland, Ore., band backs it up and then some with gargantuan, overdriven riffs, thundering drums and a general look of being up to no good.

But what sets Red Fang apart from other rocking nogoodniks is that its tunes are both metal and supercharged power pop--with hooks and catchy vocal melodies. Their style is as much Iron Maiden meets Cheap Trick as it is Mastodon meets Black Sabbath.

The band's last show at Neurolux was a loud, rowdy affair that left eardrums blasted and the whisky reserves depleted. When Red Fang returns this week, no self-respecting rocker will be anywhere else.