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Records Gets a Record


A Boise woman was sentenced last week to 3 to 15 in the pokey, after using every tool in her meager arsenal to evade, trick, hurt and gnaw on police officers. Kim Anne Records, 37, had pled guilty to charges of aggravated assault, battery on a police officer, resisting arrest and providing false information to a police officer, stemming from a pair of violent incidents in June and July of 2004.

According to the Office of the Idaho Attorney General, Records threatened to kill a man on June 21 by shooting at him. She was soon arrested for that crime, but escaped from police custody on July 18. During the ensuing struggle to re-arrest Records, she bit a Garden City police officer and then provided false information about her identity. Conceivably, officers could have matched the bite-mark with Records's dental records to prove the match, but they were able to contain her without resorting to such Seinfeld-ian policework. She was convicted of aggravated assault on February 17 of this year.