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Recent Media Reports ... FROM HECK!


Hello, and welcome to this week's issue of Recent Media Reports. Oh, you didn't know about our name change? Neither did I, until I read it in last Thursday's Idaho Statesman: "Recent media reports revealed that Saint Al's had lost its verification from the American College of Surgeons, a professional organization headquartered in Chicago." Don't get me wrong; our news reporting is in no need of validation from Melissa McGrath or any other daily news drone. It's just that ... well, whenever the words "Boise" and "Weekly" appear in what my grandmother calls "The Paper," she cuts it out and saves it for me--sometimes even when the two words are in separate articles on different days. And I have this Heathcliff the Cat fridge magnet that is just begging for something to hold other than that coupon for half-price Green Lantern Band-aids. So next time ... maybe ... oh, never mind. I should just be happy that the McClatchy clan at least undertook their own half-assed attempt at a story, rather than simply re-doing all of our interviews and acting like they were breaking the news. Yeah, we went there, KIVI Channel 6! You guys owe us a fruit basket.

--Nicholas Collias