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Rec News, Feb. 25, 2009


Pest Today, Gone Tomorrow

Sometimes BW gets news tidbits that don't seem to fit anywhere specific but are just too good to pass up. Falling squarely in this category is Ada County's new online Pest of the Month guide.

That's right. If something is flying, burrowing or scurrying its way to your last nerve, you can get the lowdown on it thanks to the county's Weed, Pest and Mosquito Abatement Department. February's pest of the month: the pocket gopher.

According to a release sent out by the county, the monthly downloadable flier will serve as a quick and easy reference for how to identify and deal with whatever happens to be pestering you, be it mammal, insect or noxious weed.

Best of all, you can do it 24/7. So whenever you have a pest problem, be it Scottish thistle on a Sunday afternoon or mosquitoes at 3 a.m. on a Tuesday, you're all set.

This month, you can learn how to identify the signs of a pocket gopher infestation (horseshoe-shaped mounds in yards or fields), pictures of what they look like and how to deal with them before they become a fuzzy rodent army intent on destroying your garden.

To get the scoop on the pest of the month, check out the Weed, Pest and Mosquito link under the departments menu at

—Deanna Darr