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Rebecca Poedy


ROOTS: A self-proclaimed "ornery little redhead," Poedy grew up in the Midwest with two little brothers and a mean breaststroke (she took third in the state of Nebraska while in high school). Her father was a military man, and the family moved to Boise for his job in 1985. Poedy remembers driving in on the interstate and being awestruck by the "daunting" metropolitan skyline (a.k.a. the Capitol building and First Interstate Bank). She went from a school of 350 students total to one with 650 in her graduating class alone, but her plans to pursue a degree in law were waylaid by young love and marriage.

CLAIM TO FAME: In the mid-nineties Poedy decided she wanted to be as passionate about her work as she was her family life, and a classified ad for Planned Parenthood sealed her fate. A former client and great supporter of their mission, she applied for and landed a job as office manager. Within a year, she was promoted to director of finance and several years later agreed to be interim president and CEO while the board of directors searched for a worthy candidate. She held this "temporary" position for a year, and after assessing the leaps and bounds of progress made during her tenure, the board knew Poedy was the woman for the job. In the years since her 2000 appointment, Planned Parenthood Idaho's operations have doubled in size and moved their administrative offices into spacious new digs; Poedy says they have nowhere to go but up.

"I'm motivated every day, surrounded by a wonderful staff of dedicated, committed people and a board of directors made up of supportive, visionary leaders in the community. We're moving forward with great vision, a great mission and great goals for the future."

FOR THE RECORD: "The biggest misconception people have about Planned Parenthood is that it's all about abortion services. Everything we do every day is about prevention, and that does more than any picket sign or restrictive legislation ever has or ever will."

JOB GOALS: 1) Continue expanding Planned Parenthood's operations across the state in order to provide critical health care to patients who would otherwise go untreated. 2) Continue fighting for a supportive legislature-"If they are so vehemently anti-choice, then they need to be pro-prevention"-in order to achieve contraceptive equity (meaning insurance companies would routinely cover birth control as they do Viagra) more family planning dollars and better support for comprehensive sex education that teaches abstinence and safe sex.

LIFE GOALS: Explore Pasitano, Italy, the Greek Isles and her Libra tendency to worry incessantly (and maybe audition for The Apprentice).

FUN FACTS: Poedy dreams of being an actress, still crushes on Sean Cassidy (less famous brother of David Cassidy) and was once rendered Santa's sultry barmaid by Bingo Barnes for a BW Christmas cover.

PARTING SHOT: "I have a lot left to accomplish, and I'm looking forward to the future; it's very bright. Planned Parenthood has been around for over 30 years and we're stronger than we've ever been before-it's my goal to build on that foundation and make sure we're around for another 30."