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Ready or Not



We all knew it was coming, but the rain and dramatic drop in temperatures is always a pleasant surprise. It seems especially welcome this year as it ends a cluster of days heavy with acrid smoke and heat. We need to enjoy whatever mild-ish weather we get, because winter will not be kidding around. Again. The Old Farmer's Almanac predicts plenty of wet, snowy days; and although the coming winter should be warmer than average, it will be much colder than the last one. Oh, well.

In the meantime, this issue of Boise Weekly contains plenty to keep you busy and informed (until next week, at least). Take a break with the New York Times Crossword Puzzle on Page 20; see if you can use the advice Minerva Jayne is offering on Page 22; put The Flicks schedule on Pages 11-14 and News Editor George Prentice's faves from the Toronto International Film Festival 2017 on Page 17 to use and make a must-see movies list; learn more about the late, great local artist Cheryl Shurtleff on Page 15; find stuff to do this week and beyond on Pages 6-8; check out what's happening in live music on Pages 9-10 and discover how a skateboard demo, a visit by Phil McGrane and a small local app company are changing lives and livelihoods on Page 5.

Again, it's going to be cold, and it's going to be wet. We might have to face another winter of sidewalks and driveways transformed into mountains of ice and snow (ugh). But get out there anyway. Feel the rain, the wind, the sleet and the snow, because before we know it, we'll be right back here again.

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