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Reader Review: Peaches

Upon first reading in the Boise Weekly that Peaches was coming I was a little shocked. I was unsure that Boise was ready for this sexually charged act. At the same time I was ecstatic to see that once again Boise has been put on the map and more electronic based acts are showing up here. 

As a huge music follower I have had the pleasure of seeing her twice before. Once at the music festival Coachella and another time in a place the same size at the Knitting Factory. I must say that in a larger arena and with more energy from the crowd she rocks it even harder.

However, as a huge fan of hers I though her show was GREAT! I danced to each song without leaving the dance floor once and I left feeling like once again she has come out kicking. Her new album allows her to show that not only can she talk a naughty talk but that lady can belt it out and keep up with the best voices out there.

—Kari Carver, Endless Nights Entertainment