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Read My Black Lips

Friday, June 17, Knitting Factory


If a band has the word "black" in its name, the music may have an edge: Black Flag, Black Sabbath, The Black Keys, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, maybe even Blackalicious and Black Mountain. Black Eyed Peas are definitely the exception to the rule--but Black Lips aren't. The Atlanta-based band's surfy punk may not be new--that '60s sound has seen a resurgence of late--but there is something fun and fierce in Black Lips' jangly guitar riffs and middle-finger-in-your-face lyrics, like from "Bad Kids": "Bad kids / all my friends are bad kids / Product of no dad kids ... / Toilet paper on the yard / Six F's on my report card / Smoke cigs in the bathroom stall / Spray paint penis on the wall."

The Black Lips' sound is more refined on the newly released Arabia Mountain (Vice, June 7), but it's still a barrage of bad-assery, and coupled with raucous shows, Black Lips lives up to the darkness in its name.