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Re-Art Re-Explores Arts of Penmanship and Letter Flourishing

Saturday-Sunday, Jan. 12-13


Kids these days seem to have little in common with their pint-sized predecessors who, without the use of a computer, jotted down ideas by hand.

Armed with an inkwell and pen, children once spent hours hand-writing essays with perfect penmanship.

Pursuits of such perfect letters are known as "letter flourishing," the art of creating beautiful longhand from a time before Microsoft Word.

It's a craft rekindled for Boise's modern youth in the January installment of Re-Art, a one-hour seminar for kids ages 5 to 12 to get hands-on experience with both the arts and history.

The second weekend of each month, the Re-Art program provides free art classes taught by local artists at all four branches of the Boise Public Library.

On Saturday, Jan. 12, and Sunday, Jan. 13, Jeanette Ross will lead youth through the process of creating flowing script.

Dipping pens and ink, children will put letters on paper creating letters complete with curlicues and loops, while experimenting with simple ink made from crushed blueberries.

In partnership with the Boise City Department of Arts and History and the city's sesquicentennial celebration, Boise 150, this year's Re-Art events explore old-timey pursuits to help Boiseans get in touch with their roots.

Future installments include book binding with Justinian Morton in February, and theater acting with Nick Garcia and Hollis Welsh in March. Check out for more information.