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'Rash' of Bomb Threats Target Lewiston Schools


A series of bomb threats, including two in as many days, have some students, parents and teachers in Lewiston on edge.

This morning's Lewiston Tribune reports students discovered one of the threats May 26, written on a mirror in a girl's bathroom at Jenifer Junior High in Lewiston. Law enforcement didn't find any explosives following a sweep of the building.

Later that same day, a separate threat was delivered against Sacajawea Junior High, also in Lewiston, this time on the school's Instagram page. The threat said four bombs had been placed in the school. Again, police cleared the scene after determining no bomb had been placed in the building. The Tribune reports a Sacajawea student later admitted to the crime and was booked into the local juvenile detention center, charged with making a false report of explosives in a public place.

The Tribune reports Lewiston High School was also targeted in a bomb threat two weeks ago. Lewiston Police Department Sergeant George Hill told the Tribune the rash of threats was likely unrelated, "other than students copying each other when they see how much trouble they can cause."