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Randy Meenach and Ryan Bayne to Release New Albums

Wednesday, April 25 at Visual Arts Collective


It's an old cliche that everything old is new again. But nowhere is that more true than in music, as sounds from bygone decades work their way back into vogue. The gritty merger of folk and rock in the early '70s is a prime example. It's a sound that can be found across contemporary pop and heard in the new album from Boise musician Randy Meenach.

Meenach will drop his electric-era-Dylan-esque new disc, Bowl of Cherries, at Visual Arts Collective on Wednesday, April 25.

Also releasing an oldish-sounding new album that night is Ryan Bayne, brother of Boise filmmaker Gregory Bayne.

Bayne wields a baritone rumble reminiscent of Johnny Cash and a songwriting style in the vein of Nick Cave.