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Random Body, We Hardly Knew Ye


The Lemhi County Sheriff's office has attached a tentative name to the human remains they found near a mountain week last week. Or more specifically, the department's cadaver dog found the remains--although that doesn't mean he attached the name. Honestly, the dog doesn't care what the guy's name is. But the police are hoping you care.

According to the Web site News From The Salmon River Valley, authorities believe the body is that of then-27-year-old Alexander Northrope of Milton, Massachusetts, who never returned from a hiking trip in 1979.

In the area around the remains, sheriff's deputies found a pocket watch, a wallet, a guitar pick, a marijuana pipe and some clothes. If you Tribond (or would it be Pentabond?) these items into information about Northrope, call call the Lemhi County Sheriff's department at (208) 756-8980.