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UPDATE: Autopsy Reveals Eastern Idaho Mustang Died in Accident; Reward Money Being Returned


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August 25, 2016

After first assuming that the death of a rescued mustang at an Eastern Idaho was foul play, a Power County veterinarian now says that the horse died of a tragic accident. 

The Idaho State Journal reports that an autopsy revealed that pieces of wood had been found inside each of two deep wounds, leading investigators to conclude that the horse inflicted the wounds on itself.

“Although the police believed her death was suspicious as did we, they now believe she did it to herself," owner Kim Clark told the Journal, "and I have to go along with those findings."

Clark added that all donations made to a GoFundMe account for a reward in the case would be returned.

ORIGINAL STORY: August 23, 2016

Eastern Idaho law enforcement has been called in to investigate the alleged stabbing death of a horse at the Little Piece of Heaven ranch in American Falls.

Ranch owner Kimberly Clark said she discovered one of her mustangs had been killed when her dogs started barking in the pre-dawn hours of Aug. 21. At first, Clark said she thought coyotes may have attacked the pregnant horse, but soon discovered the animal had bled to death from what appeared to be two stab wounds.

KIDK-TV reports the ranch is a temporary home for rescued horses and attempts to provide sanctuary for horses that would otherwise be sent to slaughter. The stabbed horse had already been adopted and the ranch owner said she was "only hours away from going to her new home."

The Power County Sheriff's Office is investigating the incident. A veterinarian confirmed Aug. 22 that the horse's nasal cavity had also been completely shattered and "believes someone did it," according to KIDK-TV

A Go Fund Me account has been established to raise reward money to help catch the person or persons responsible.

Law enforcement is asking if any member of the public knows anything about the incident to contact the Power County Sheriff's Office at 208-226-2311.