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Rammell Still Running


Rex Rammell wants to remind everyone that he's running for the U.S. Senate, too.

The elk rancher and veterinarian from Eastern Idaho announced his candidacy in July, but area media seem to have forgotten, given the flurry of headlines announcing Rammell's entry into the race.

Rammell released a statement following Lt. Gov. Jim Risch's announcement last week that he is running for Sen. Larry Craig's seat. In the written release, Rammell accuses Risch of being a moderate, while Rammell tows the true conservative party line.

"Conservatives are principled people and, as a rule, will not break ranks to endorse moderates. Notice Bill Sali wasn't standing beside Jim. And neither would Larry Craig if his situation was different," Rammell writes.

After outlining how the vast majority of Republican Party heavyweights who have already endorsed Risch are either cowardly or paying back political favors, Rammell describes how he is the candidate that actually stands for something.

"I think Idaho has had enough party politics. This time they'll go with principle. I'm betting my reputation on it," Rammell said.

Of course, Rammell's own reputation isn't squeaky clean. Rammell gained a little infamy earlier in the year when 160 domesticated elk escaped from his ranch near the Wyoming border.

After he failed to round up the elk, then-Gov. Jim Risch ordered the Idaho Department of Fish and Game to kill the wandering elk to prevent the possible spread of disease and intermingling of weak genes with wild elk. This sparked numerous confrontations with Fish and Game officials and prompted the Legislature to re-examine the rules regulating elk ranching.

Also already in the race is Democrat Larry LaRocco, who declared his candidacy earlier in the year.