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No Time For Logic

Ted Rall makes the point that Bush has lied repeatedly to the American people and to the rest of the world. I would like to offer a few counterpoints.

First, as a licensed psychologist for years in Idaho, I have come to think that Bush has a serious psychiatric problem and, therefore, so do we citizens. Bush creates his own reality, his own purposes and his own logic. We have elected a person who needs treatment badly, a person who is dragging the nation into a sad world of his choosing. We must take responsibility for our own failures, we Americans. It is time to stop finger-pointing, and to realize that we must take a hard look at ourselves, not at Bush. Hold up your hand and point your index finger at anyone you choose. Guess what? Three of your fingers are pointing at you. How many of us were directly involved in the choosing of our president? I know, there are tons of reasons for saying, "No." I was too busy. Idaho is so Republican that my vote won't change anything. The system is so corrupt I don't want to touch it, period! It is much easier to blame Bush/Cheney, right? 

Second, using logic to convince Bush that Iraq is an endless quagmire will not work. Molly Ivins, writing in the Progressive, March '03, wrote that we should pull out of Iraq before we kill more civilians than Saddam did. Bush would argue that until we kill at least 3,000 more American service people, we would dishonor those who have died over there already. See, reason just won't work with a person who lives in a world of his own creation.

--Tom Edgar,


Rall responds

Far be it from me to argue with a licensed psychologist! (An unlicensed psychologist, on the other hand ...)Tom Edgar's point boils down to the fact that, in a democracy, the people are responsible for the sins of an official they elect with their votes. The problem here is that the American people elected Al Gore to the presidency in 2000. Bush bullied and sleazed his way into power, then used the trappings of legitimacy to repeatedly fool an overworked and underinformed citizenry. While he may well suffer from some delusion, what psychological condition explains his false assertions that Saddam Hussein was involved in 9/11 or that the Taliban refused to turn over Osama bin Laden? Bush is a liar. It's perfectly legit to call him to task for his lies--and to wonder why so many were so stupid as to believe them.

--Ted Rall