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Rain: A Tribute to The Beatles

The Morrison Center, Friday, June 21


In the upcoming film Yesterday, a stroke of magic (or something) leaves Jack Malik (Himesh Patel) the last man on Earth who remembers The Beatles. Suddenly, songs like "Hey Jude," "Here Comes the Sun" and, of course, "Yesterday" have fresh significance, and Beatlemania sweeps the land again for the very first time. Sans magic, there's Rain, a Beatles cover group that will wash the Morrison Center for a recreation of one of those record-busting '60s concerts. Each member of the group has a story to tell about what The Beatles mean to them, but Steve Landes, its singer and guitarist, has a doozie: He once performed the Fab Four's hit "Slow Down" with pre-Ringo drummer Pete Best in the U.K. Because of Rain's look and sound, its Friday, June 21, performance is just about as close as Boise will get to an actual live Beatles show.