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Radiation City Comes to Boise

Saturday, Oct. 29 at Visual Arts Collective


Typically musical interpretations of radiation are aggressive--driving rock about the horror of fallout or the wacky ways it has been interpreted in pop culture.

Portland, Ore., band Radiation City takes a different approach. Its sound is more like actual radiation: subtle, intoxicating and deadly. The group's hybrid of smooth, dreamy electronica and soul-tinged indie-rock is a soft blur of notes, without so much as a tinge of rock aggression. Instead Radiation City's music is a mutant anti-pop version of pop.

Recently signed to Portland's Tender Loving Empire, Radiation City has been generating no shortage of buzz while floating around the country on tour.

The band played Boise in early August and will be back on Saturday, Oct. 29, for a headlining slot at Visual Arts Collective.

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