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Quinn's Free-Champagne Brunch


You know that look you shoot your brunch date when a server asks if you'll be having anything else besides water? The I'll-totally-day-drink-if-you-do eyes? It's the precise moment when your Sunday either takes a responsible right turn into soberville or off roads into drinking-margaritas-by-the-pool-all-day town. Well, lucky for you lushes, Quinn's diner on Vista makes that important decision for you. With every two meals ordered off the breakfast menu on Sundays, you receive one free bottle of champagne.

A. Whole. Freaking. Bottle.

Quinn's is greasy spoon, to a T. Brunch items are mostly combos of classic diner staples--eggs, meat, toast, hashbrowns, pancakes--but the menu also includes a healthy array of omelets, many with fresh avocado and cheese. Though it's not the fanciest brunch around--the can-opener seems to get a lot of turns in the kitchen at Quinn's--half a bottle of cheap champagne makes any of those concerns melt away like butter on a hot waffle. Add to that a shady, hole-in-the-wall atmosphere with ample flowery wallpaper, and Quinn's will quickly become your new favorite hidden Bench brunch destination. But be forewarned, there is one caveat with the free champagne: If you want a mimosa, you have to pony up for the OJ.